Morgan Challenge Race Series
Morgan Challenge race at Castle Combe - collecting area

2024 Regulations

Classic Sports Car Club
In order for the Classic Sports Car Club to communicate their member emails to you directly, including relevant news and information about the CSCC, its racing activities and when races are available to book it is necessary for competitors to agree to the CSCC Privacy Policy.
By registering for the Morgan Challenge it is understood that you accept this.

Data logging
Every car in the Morgan Challenge is required to have a standard connector installed to allow fitment of a data logger.
Plugs are available from the Technical Secretary.

Power-to-weight Class structure
Each driver will be allocated a Class based on their car’s mean power-to-weight and technical specification.
2024 Target Weight Schedule can be used as a reference.

The Technical Secretary will advise a driver if there is a requirement to arrange a rolling road test at one of the following nominated MAHA MSR500 locations:
1. Hybrid Tuning
2. Harding Auto
3. RE Performance
4. TI Motorsport

2024 MAHA rolling road setup instructions and signed conformity of procedure.
2024 Intercomp corner scales calibration certificate

Regulations as submitted to the Motorsport UK:
These documents include comprehensive and detailed information for those preparing and entering cars for the Morgan Challenge to be read in conjunction with the Sporting and Technical regulations.
Any queries should be referred to the appropriate member of the Technical Committee.

Sporting and Technical Regulations – draft

All Trad Specs Chassis Regulations
All Trad Specs Engine Regulations
Class 1 Chassis Regulations
Class 1 Engine Regulations
Class 2 Chassis Regulations
Class 2 Engine Regulations
Class 3 Chassis Regulations
Class 3 Engine Regulations
Class 4 Chassis Regulations
Class 4 Engine Regulations
Class 5 Chassis Regulations
Class 5 Engine Regulations
Class 6 Chassis Regulations
Class 6 Engine Regulations
Specification CX4 Chassis Regulations
Specification CX4 Engine regulations
Specification CX6 Chassis Regulations
Specification CX6 Engine regulations

Our Eligibility Scrutineer, Ian Patton, has provided a very helpful summary bulletin covering the following:

• Motorsport UK blue book
• Vehicle digital passports
• Scrutineering trials
• Harness buckles
• FIA helmet compliance.

Click here to read it.
If you have any questions please do seek advice for clarification.