Morgan Challenge Race Series
Morgan Challenge race at Castle Combe - collecting area

2021 Regulations
The regulations for 2021 will be published soon, there will be no significant changes from 2020 apart from allowing the use of tyres from 1B and 1C as long as they meet the minimum requirements in the regulations of profile and size.

2020 Regulations
Data logging
Every car in the Morgan Challenge is required to have a standard connector installed to allow fitment of a data logger.
Plugs are available from the Technical Secretary Barry Sumner.
Click here for details and full instructions on what is required.

As we have moved to a power to weight formula, cars need to be run on the rolling road and weighed prior to your first race in order to be placed into a championship class. Otherwise you will run in the invitation class until we can get your car on the rolling road.
Check with the series co-ordinator Katy Thompson for availability of time slots for this.

Here are links to the regulations as submitted to the MSA.

Regulations for all Classes

Bumper spoilers

Sporting and Technical Regulations

These documents include comprehensive and detailed information for those preparing and entering cars for the Morgan Challenge Race Series to be read in conjunction with the Sporting and Technical regulations.
Any queries should be referred to the appropriate member of the Technical Committee.

To race in the Morgan Challenge you must register for the series. You can print and complete the registration form and send it to the series co-ordinator whose contact details are on the contact page and on the form.

The registration fee is £100. Click here for the registration form. You can pay by bank transfer (preferred - details can be found on the form) or by cheque payable to the Morgan Challenge Race Series. Make sure that you give your name as a reference if paying by bank transfer and please make sure you pay the Morgan Challenge and not the Morgan Sports Car Club.
Drivers' Charter
The Morgan Challenge is known for good sportmanship and mutual respect. In order to maintain our reputation for clean, friendly racing we drew up a list of voluntary principles to remind established drivers and assist new drivers in maintaining this ethos. Everyone is asked to accept these when registering for the Morgan Challenge.
Drivers' Charter
This embodies the aims, make-up and principles of the Morgan Challenge race series.