Morgan Challenge Race Series
Morgan Challenge competitors in the collecting area at Snetterton

To race in the Morgan Challenge you must be a member of the Classic Sports Car Club (£49) and have an eligible car registered in a Championship Class (£150), otherwise an Invitational Class entry fee will apply per race (£30).

Registration can be completed online or by sending a completed form to

Under 30’s first year competing in the Morgan Challenge are offered a reduced registration fee of £75.
Drivers' Charter
The Morgan Challenge is known for good sportmanship and mutual respect. In order to maintain our reputation for clean, friendly racing we drew up a list of voluntary principles to remind established drivers and assist new drivers in maintaining this ethos. Everyone is asked to accept these when registering for the Morgan Challenge.
Drivers' Charter
This embodies the aims, make-up and principles of the Morgan Challenge.

If you are interested and would like to know more, why not come along to one of the races and ask any of the Morgan drivers who will be pleased to introduce you to Chris Thompson our Championship Coordinator or contact him direct via the Contact page.