Morgan Challenge Race Series
Morgan Challenge race at Anglesey
Race Reports
These reports are written variously by drivers and friends of the series and give a unique and individual take on proceedings. We are grateful to all of our volunteer reporters and are always looking out for more to take on the role of reporter for the day.

The reports are not intended to be accurate and detailed accounts of proceedings but individual and humorous and in this they are largely successful. So should you feel inclined to wax lyrical about an event then please do get in touch with Mary Lindsay via the Contact page.


19th November, Cambridge Belfry Hotel
Morgan Challenge Donington Derby

Run at the annual Morgan Challenge dinner on a race simulator.
1st - Paul Greenhalgh, RTCC race engineer extraordinaire 1:05:88
2nd - Shane Kelly 1:06:55
3rd - Tom Daley 1:06:84.
4th - Elliot Paterson 1:07:62
5th - Matt Fenton 1:09:46
6th - Phill Thomas 1:13:97
7th - James RTCC 1:14:05
8th - Tim Parsons 1:14:86
9th - Tony Hirst 1:17:54
10th - Andy Green 1:22:79
Not classified - exceeding track limits: John Bevan and Philip Tisdall.
9th April 2016 Snetterton
Leigh Sebba's "Gossip"
Bob Bull's "Facts"(allegedly)
John Bevan's Fish-eye view
Michele Bailey's view from the back of the grid

23rd April 2016 Silverstone
Bob Bull's report
Simon Scott's report
2nd May 2016 Castle Combe
Bob Bull's imaginative report (he wasn't there!)
John Bevan's report (he was there!)

22nd May 2016 Donington
Michele Bailey's report
Bob Bull's report part 1
Bob Bull's report part 2
5th June 2016 Silverstone
Bob Bull's report

23rd - 24th July 2016 Anglesey
Michele Bailey's report
John Bevan's report

6th August Silverstone
Bob Bull's report on Challenge race
Bob Bull's report on TT race
John Bevan's report on both races
3rd September Oulton Park
A report by Dominic House
24th September Mallory Park
A report by Bob Bull
1st October 2016 Snetterton
A report by Bob Bull