Morgan Challenge Race Series
Varous Morgans enjoying their racing

Contact and Who's Who

Race Series Coordinator
Chris Thompson, The Morgan Challenge Coordinator, 39 Broxton Avenue, Middlewich, CW10 0SE
For all enquiries connected with the Morgan Challenge Race series Chris is the first point of contact.

Web site
For any queries regarding the web site contact Mary Lindsay

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee meets twice a year to discuss issues raised by the class representatives, preparers, series coordinator and MSUK.

The Committee includes the Technical Secretary, the Series Coordinator, the Chairman of the Race Committee, several specialist Morgan preparers, a representative for each class (elected by the members of that class) and the coordinator of the Tony Morgan Tipp trophy (TMT). The TMT trophy is awarded in memory of Morgan enthusiast Tony Morgan Tipp and is awarded to the most sportsmanlike driver for the year, elected by the drivers in a secret ballot.

If you have any queries regarding the series regulations, want help or advice on what you can/can't do, please don't hesitate to contact your class representative or any other member of the Technical Committee.

Drivers decide on any changes to the series regulations at the annual Drivers' meeting and Dinner (normally held in November). The Technical Committee present items for discussion and may recommend changes to the series regulations. Any changes are voted and decided upon by competing drivers.

Members of the Technical Committee:
Chris Thompson: Series Coordinator
Simon Baines: Technical Secretary
Philip Tisdall: Technical Committee Chair
Keith Ahlers: Technical Specification A
Stephen Lockett: Technical Specification C
James Sumner: Technical Specification D
Chris Bailey: Technical Specification E
Simon Baines: Technical Specification G
Greg Parnell: Technical Specification J
Kelvin Laidlaw: Technical Specification R and H
John Richards: Technical Specification S
TBC: Technical Specification X
Peter Sargeant: TMT Co-ordinator
James Gateson: Preparer (Techniques)
Brett Syndercombe:  Preparer (Brands Hatch Morgans)
Richard Thorne:  Preparer (Richard Thorne Classic Cars)
Russell Paterson: Revolutions
Henry Williams: Williams Automobiles
Cain Poulton: Preparer (Wolf Performance)
Chas Windridge: Chief Steward
Simon Scott: Steward
Chris Williams: Steward

Eligibility Scrutineer
Ian Patton

Race Committee

The Morgan Challenge series is guided and advised by a dedicated Race Committee with specialist knowledge and experience.

Members of the Race Committee
Philip St.Clair Tisdall: Chair
Chris Thompson: Series Coordinator
Simon Baines: Technical Secretary 
Mary Lindsay: Publicity Officer
Michele Jarvis: Treasurer